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Announcement [Sticky] Welcome to the new AI Singapore Community!

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Laurence Liew
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I would like to welcome everyone to the new AI Singapore's community site - The Epoch.

Why did I name this new community site THE EPOCH?

An epoch is one complete pass through the training data set in the world of machine/deep learning.

I thought it is appropriate for what we are trying to accomplish here.

Many people will come through this site and its sister site LearnAI, and learn about AI and ML. Often just one visit would not be enough to learn all about AI and ML. It would be multiple visits, hundreds if not thousands of visits, before you will appreciate most of the intricacies of deploying AI and ML models into production.

With each visit you will learn new things from articles of AI use cases by AISG engineers or from the community, shared knowledge in the forums, or and when you attend mind-opening events shared here.

I hope The Epoch will be your new home for AI/ML knowledge accumulation, business networking and opportunities, but most importantly a place where you will spend many late nights to discuss AI and ML with liked-minded individuals.


What is new?

  1. New layout with AISG and community contributed articles here
  2. New forum based discussion page
  3. All members can comment on articles, share an event, and even jobs, and of course participate in the various forum discussions and ask your questions or offer your insights.
  4. Members who are keen are also encouraged to contribute articles.




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peterleong reacted
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Hello Mr Lawrence Lieu

I'm in Singapore for a short visit till 15th Jan. I'd love to connect to learn about AI with Epoch and creating products for Sales coaching. 
Thanks & Regards
Madhusudhan Sanjeev Kumar M