Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence is sometimes construed as destructive and out of control. However, it can be ethically and effectively employed to bring immense business value to organisations and help lift the overall economic status of countries.

“This article was first published in the Q4 2022 issue of the SID Directors Bulletin by the Singapore Institute of Directors.” 

Full bulletin here: https://www.sid.org.sg/Web/Publications/SID_DIRECTORS_BULLETIN/SID_DIRECTORS__BULLETIN_-_2022_Q4.aspx

I wrote an article for the Q4 2022 issue of the SID Directors Bulletin by the Singapore Institute of Directors, and discussed the use of AI in business and shared how various AI Singapore’s 100E projects and Talent Development Programmes are aligned with the OECD principals on AI.

  1. Inclusive growth, sustainable development and well-being
  2. Human-centred values and fairness
  3. Transparency and explainability
  4. Robustness, safety and security
  5. Accountability

Read the full article here.


  • Laurence Liew

    Passionate about growing the next generation of Singaporean AI talents, I spend my time figuring out the best ways to groom more Singaporeans for AI, getting our kids interested in STEM and accelerating SMEs' adoption of AI through AI Singapore 100E programmes.

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5 months ago

very insightful article, especially on the ethics portion 

4 months ago

Researchers aren’t exactly sure what artificial intelligence means for the future of business, specifically as it relates to blue-collar jobs. as the Advancing going on it converted Hard workers into smart workers.
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4 months ago

I’ve a project that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.