Becoming an AI Apprentice – A Field Guide

Updated 10th Feb 2020

This is version 3 of the “So you want to become an AI Apprentice”. We have now renamed this resource as “Becoming an AI Apprentice – A Field Guide”. We expect to update this resource often.

This field guide lays out the skills we expect candidates applying to the AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)™ should have.

Changes in version 3:

  1. content is now aligned to AI Singapore’s AI Certification initiative
  2. all online courses and materials recommended are free (at the time we review the resource)
  3. updated Statistical Learning (ISL) with Python exercises instead of R


  • License
  • Why this field guide?
  • AI Singapore AI Certification Initiative
  • AI Certification Assessment Framework
  • AI Makerspace – LearnAI
  • Recommended Reading Materials
  • AI ASSOCIATE ENGINEER – Required Competencies
    • Python Programming
    • SQL
    • Software Engineering
    • Statistical, Machine and Deep Learning
    • Intel AI Academy
    • Azure Machine Learning Service
    • Data Engineering
    • AI Ethics and Governance
  • Beyond MNIST – Building an AI project

Download the latest (Feb 2020) field guide here: Becoming an AI Apprentice – A Field Guide (version 3.1)

The AIAP™ is the first TechSkills Accelerator Company-Led Training (TeSA-CLT) initiative in AI. This is a collaboration between AI Singapore and IMDA to develop a pipeline of AI professionals for the industry.

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